04 July 2012

How to Make a Candle from Old Candle Wax

How to Make a Candle from Old Candle Wax

Make a candle at home. Candles are an alternative to tube lights and save power. They are very beautiful and create a very romantic atmosphere wherever they are used. Candles are often used for decoration purposes and can lighten up the entire room. Before electricity was invented, candles were used by people for illuminating purposes. Usually old burnt candles are disposed off and the question is whether there is any technique to use this old candles to make new candles. The energy in this earth is very limited and it is always good to recycle and reuse rather than going for a new one. If you are looking for a way to make new candles out of old candle wax then here are a few simple steps. All you need is some old candle wax and you are ready to make your colorful custom made candles. Search your home for old candles and candle wax and keep them together in a container. It is not mandatory that you have to gather the candles of same colors. You can use old candles of different colors also.

Step 1 - Collecting the Candle Wax

Collect all the old candle wax and keep them at place. Cut the collected wax into pieces and put them into the saucepan.

Step 2 - Melting the Old Wax

Heat the sauce pan to a low temperature. Stir the melting candle wax continuously with a help of a stick until it gets completely melted.

Step 3 - Selecting the Shape of the New Candles

Select a container to match the desired shape of the candle. Keep the container ready when the wax is getting melted.

Step 4 - Placing the Wick

Now take a pencil or a straw and hold it in between the container. Take a new wick and place it so that it is properly aligned to the pencil. Now use the gum tape and attach the pencil to the wick.

Step 5 - Pouring the Wax

Now check whether the wax is completely melted and pour it to the container which is already selected. Leave a little amount of wax in the saucepan. Be careful when you are pouring the wax into the container, since the wax is very hot and may burn your hands on direct contact. It is always a better option to wear safety gloves when the wax is being poured.

Step 6 - Hardening

Now the wax in the container begins to harden. We cannot predict the exact amount of time which is needed for the candle to harden. So keep checking the container if the wax is hardened. Now when the wax is hardened completely check whether the wax is around the wick.

Step 7 - Removing the New Candle

Now remove the candle out of the container. Sometimes the candle will not come out of the container so easily and so it is better to keep the container in a refrigerator freezer for sometime. This is done so that the candles can be easily removed from the container.

Step 8 - Decorating the New Candle

Now the candle is ready for decorating. Use your creativity and make the candle look colorful and attractive by using glitters. Your custom made colorful candle is now ready to lighten up your room.